5 Reasons You Need To Be Doing Yoga

5 Reasons You Need to Be Doing YogaIf you gave me 5 minutes, I could find countless articles of why yoga is good for you. Like this one. OH, and this one! Check them out if you have time, there is some pretty juicy stuff. On the other hand, you could just read this quick guide and you’ll still have time in your day to actually EXPERIENCE Yoga!


You Don’t Have The Time.

Wait, what? That’s right, if you don’t think you have time in your busy schedule to fit in 10 minutes of mindful mediation or a breathing practice-both are key components in yoga, then you NEED some Yoga.Taking time for yourself and practicing mindful breathing techniques not only has a ton of physical and mental benefits, but you will actually find that you have MORE time to complete tasks. Don’t believe me? Do 10 minutes of yoga for the next 5 days and tell me if your schedule doesn’t open up. Check out my girl, Adriene for a 10 minute guided yoga practice on productivity and focus.

You Need To Unplug.

Don’t get me wrong I love Netflix and Instagram just as much as the next person, but sometimes being plugged in can cause over-stimulation. Though I’m no expert, many experts have contributed our need to always be “on” to the high levels of depression, anxiety, and stress in today’s society. Going out in nature can be a great way to get away from it all, but sometimes that just isn’t an option. Yoga gives us an opportunity to unplug whenever we want. If you need some uninterrupted quiet time, shut off all of your devices and spend some time just being. It will take some practice, and might even be uncomfortable at first. But establishing a good relationship with stillness has many rewards.

Tight Buns, Hun.

Many a Yoga teacher will tell you that the goal of yoga is to “connect your body and mind, connect to the universe and transcend the ego”- which truly is a wonderful byproduct of yoga. But if you’re only doing yoga, so your butt will look good, well good on ya’. At least you will be practicing an ancient art that is good for your body AND soul. And I’m willing to bet, if you stick with a daily yoga practice you may just end up opening your mind. Hell, you may even transcend your ego.5 reasons you need to be doing Yoga

Yoga Will Get You Healthy AF.

Practicing Yoga on a regular basis has been proven to relax your blood vessels and increase overall circulation. This helps to lower blood pressure and enables a constant blood supply to all your muscles and vital organs. PLUS, Doing yoga decreases your stress levels which are directly linked to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Do Yoga. Live longer.

You’ll Actually Wear Your Yoga Pants For Yoga.

Doing yoga will help you to cultivate a healthy obsession for your unhealthy obsession with multi colored, multi patterned, yoga pants. No longer will you feel like a fraud going grocery shopping in neon green and pink yoga pants. Now if any naysayer questions your wardrobe choices you can say, “ I’ve already done yoga today. It is my divine right to wear yoga pants for the rest of the week”. You’re welcome.